Song Review : ONF – Beautiful Beautiful

First, let me say something.


ONF released their first full album MY NAME, with the title track Beautiful Beautiful, and at just the start of the year we already have our first Song of The Year contender!

The song starts right with a catchy hook which from now on will be scattered out through the whole song. The “ra pa pam” appears so often yet never feels repetitive, the vocals are layered very well and continues to be ONF’s strength. The verses also have good phrasing and starts with a good impression and never lets the listeners down. The pre-chorus is the only “it’s fine” part of this song for me, while the other sections are stellar. The chorus is so enjoyable, this is what happens when you pair the production level in ONF songs with a full chorus.

The second verses also continue the same instrumental instead of going for an unexpected twist that can make the song go into bad directions.

How can I not mention that acapella section too? AMAZING.

This song has a very certain formula a lot of their songs has, yet they all never feel boring and always make me interested. I listened to this song around 20 times today already, and I still can’t find one single fault this song has…

Also, judging from Oh My Girl’s comeback patterns, can we expect a repackage sometime soon? :))

Song Scale9.5/10
Emotional ScaleS

9 thoughts on “Song Review : ONF – Beautiful Beautiful

  1. Hey there. Just found your site through thebiaslist. Can’t wait to see more reviews in the future! I think the emotional scale is quite unique to gauge your interest in the song.

    This is really one of the handful of Kpop tracks I enjoyed in recent memory. I probably won’t rank it high on my list like you or Nick, but it’s enough to add into my playlist. ONF are quite under appreciated with tracks like this, Complete and We Must Love. Hope Kpop can bring the fun again to the industry rather than follow western trends.

    Btw I also have a site I worked on just this year. Here’s the link to it

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  2. I just found your site! This is good. You have an emotional scale. I was planning to integrate it last time but I just couldn’t great that we have this as well now. ONF IS JUST IMPECABBBBBBBBBLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEE! Periodt!

    Another critic that I should add to my ever so growing TrackScore database!

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    1. Also, I have a site too like the fellow critics here.! I hope you have a great time ahead being a critic because K-Pop is in need and is lacking in it. We need you, I’m always amazed how many have joined since Nick really started it all. Good luck and stay true to yourself! You can do it!

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