Song Review : IZ*ONE x Soyou (ft.pH-1) – ZERO:ATTITUDE

Typing the title feels like writing some math equation, ugh.

So my bias group, IZ*ONE, had some whatever contract with Pepsi and just like how it usually is, released a song featuring Soyou and pH-1. The song has a fun pop sound with so many earworm catchphrases spread throughout the song. The talking parts may come across as annoying for someone, however, I would like to take the fact that this is a CF song into account. They did a successful job at creating those lyrics that are made to stick in your head what the product is about.

I was quite doubtful at first because Pepsi songs usually have mixed opinions. Maybe that’s also why I am impressed by this more than I thought I would. Everything was just fine for me, until the chorus comes where the song moves to a more pop section at the chorus, and if that’s not enough, stack together with that “attitude” talking parts. I feel like the rap in the bridge is unnecessary and the track would’ve had the same impact without it, but it doesn’t ruin the song so that’s okay.

I guess now I look like someone who’s succumbing to capitalism and will now kick myself out of my house to go buy a can of Pepsi just because my favourite group advertises it and releases a good song for that. lol.

Production Scale8.5/10
Emotional ScaleS

3 thoughts on “Song Review : IZ*ONE x Soyou (ft.pH-1) – ZERO:ATTITUDE”

  1. I’m not the biggest fan of the Attitude part but this is honestly probably the best Pepsi k-pop CF so far. The chorus is very feel-good sounding, I love it!


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